About Josiah’s Art



In June of 2007, I stepped out of the work force and into retirement. As much as I enjoyed teaching, wow, what a rich world the world of retirement is.  No end of ventures to plunge into. I took up painting (watercolor and some acrylic), and I began to use my photography to make note cards. Both of those artistic ventures led me to painting my animal illustrations which led me to more note cards, then onto the giclée prints for all my artwork. From there I joined the Walpole Artisans Co-operative (www.walpoleartisans.org) and other local art organizations (The SRAG and the MAAA).

The style of my artwork, other than the illustrations which tend to explore the humorous moments in life, is pretty tight and controlled. Maybe a function of my work space (which was very small at first), maybe a function of my need to draw the scene or object as it really is. I don’t think my personality is weighing here. I tuck my art time in around other activities, but just about every day I set aside time to draw or paint or take photos.

I’m a lucky person: to be able to draw and paint and make original artwork is most rewarding; and that other people find my artwork interesting enough to buy seems like gravy on top of the gravy.

Beyond the artwork, I’ve remodeled 3 rooms in the house, turned my property from a pine forest into flower gardens with dappled maple shade. Bees and a sugar shack are on the way this summer. And the future holds more building and landscaping projects.

mary:long pond


Mary, recently retired (2011) from teaching reading to young children, is now a full-fledged partner in Josiah’s Art, a position for which there are many rewards, though none of them monetary. Mary dresses things up, which Joe isn’t very good at. She is the framer, matter, display area monitor, and business organizer, among other miscellaneous chores. Kayaking, reading, snowshoeing, making flower arrangements and traveling with family are some of Mary’s favorite activities.

Josiah’s Art support team includes 5 more Beers. There’s Jesse and Zach, a banker and a scientist. There’s also Josh and Ajlan, teacher and mom/zumba instructor. The newest addition to the team is William Beer, who is soon to be accompanied by his sister whose name is still a mystery. Arrival date for the sister is May 20th, very close to two other important birthdays.

We hope you enjoy Josiah’s Art, both the site and the works.

Thank you for meandering by.